Ben Lefler

aka: Big Daddy Muffin
The inspiration behind The Laughing Loggers, this Lumberjack brings the humour, skill set, good looks….well he brings the entire show actually. This cuddly Kiwi likes to call himself the boss but he’s better known as Big Daddy Muffin. Stolen from the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand, you will now find him in Burnaby with his gorgeous wife Michelle and favourite dog Chopper by his side.  Ben has been producing and performing in lumberjack shows worldwide over the past seventeen years, and is excited to bring his unique style of Lumberjack Entertainment to Canada.

Michelle Lefler

aka: DJ Bombshell

Michelle, a graduate from the renowned, Circle In The Square Theatre School in New York City, has over 25 years experience in the performing arts. She has been on numerous TV shows and also co-owned her own theatre company. Teaming up with her husband, Ben, this dynamic duo have been producing highly entertaining Lumberjack shows worldwide for over 17 years. Michelle is also a competitor and is the current Canadian Champion chainsaw racer. Now the chief producer of the Laughing Loggers, she takes the production to new heights. Michelle aka DJ Bombshell, brings the voice, sweet tunes and experience to make this show a one of a kind!

Brian Bartow

aka: Big Dog
The ‘Big Dog’  Brian Bartow is a legend of loggersports! Part time track coach, full time Laughing Logger, this fella has no fear of heights! Brian has performed with the Laughing Loggers worldwide in NZ and the home streets of beautifull BC. While not marking hydrants, you will find him 80 feet up a tree dazzling the crowds.He is the ultimate lumberjack competitor :
    -10 time Lumberjack World Championships world champion speed climb
    -60, 65, 80 ft world record holder speed climb
    -4 time ESPN Great Outdoor Games gold metalist
    -2 time stihl series speed climb champion.
    -Numerous titles in log rolling, underhand, choker race, tree topping…

Lindsay Warnock

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Lindsay is a professionally trained actor – singer – musician who has been MC’ing Lumberjack Shows for the past four years. When she is not wearing plaid she usually singing in a big musical number on the stage or in front of the camera. She was most recently seen as Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical at Theatre Under the Stars Vancouver! For more than a decade Lindsay has performed around the world and now she could not be more excited to share this amazing Laughing Logger Lumberjack Show with you!

Lukas Brown-John

Lukas Brown-John or as he is better known, The Ladies Choice, has been performing with The Laughing Loggers all over Australia, New Zealand and Canada for the past 10 years. Not just a pretty face, Lukas is currently ranked number 3 in the world of speed climbing and 1st in the world invitational tree topping. Lukas is also a Canadian Champion underhand chopper and axe thrower. When not fighting of his crew of admirers, you will find him 90 feet up a tree practicing his calculus. Attach reverse photo please.

Ryan Cook

The wild blonde haired carver from the HGTV Canada series “Carver Kings “got his start in carving playing the apprentice from the television series “Saw Dogs”. He has quickly become one of the top carvers and most recognized names in the world of power carving.

Ryan carves full time out of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has competed all over the world. He turned pro in the summer of 2013 at the Campbell River, shoreline arts competition, where he took first place. He placed 1st place and People’s choice in Both Campbell River & Gold River Championships in 2016 & 2017. 

The owner of Saw Valley Carvings.  He has formed the top Carving team in the world and is making a major impact into progressing the world of chainsaw.  Ryan spends all year around traveling and carving all over Canada and the world. He eats, sleeps and breathes sculpture.
Ryan is proud to partner up with the Laughing Loggers to create the ultimate entertainment package. “We’re all a group of talented misfits and this is where I belong”

Follow his life daily facebook.

Tyler Brady

aka: The Milky Bar Kid

Hailing from Haida Gwaii.  This dynamic logger sports competitor now resides in Powell River. By trade this small engine mechanic enjoys building and modifying hotsaws. Tyler is ecstatic to have joined the team last year, and is looking forward to a fun season with the team.  A former baseball player that transitioned from swinging a bat to swinging an axe.

Chase Gunderson

aka: The Red Rocket

Chase Gundersen aka The Red Rocket from Duncan, BC, was born into a loggersports legacy. Chase has been an absolute legend this past season as he made his way touring with the Laughing Loggers across Australia. One of the newest members to the team, Chase began as our number one sound guy and is now one of our performing lumberjacks. No slouch with an axe, Chase has been on the national podium taking third place in the rookie division at the Stihl Timbersports Canadian Championship in London, Ontario.

Eric Regimbald

Eric Regimbald hails from Toronto ON but now calls Vancouver BC is home. Eric has just finished up a five year tour of his kids which took him all across the country! He is an avid hockey player, outdoorsman and an occasional Cowboy. He is an actor; where you can find him in such films as Scars (wild eye releasing) and Millions (Jaded pictures) and on the Lifetime series UNREAL season 3. He also writes and directs his own films such as: The Course of Nature and his comedy short web series Van Damme Motors (Youtube); Which is now in its second season! Eric is very happy to be apart of the Laughing Logger Lumberjack Show; where he can showcase his hosting chops and be apart of a stellar team!… Oh did we mention he does impersonations..?

Kayla Dunbar

Kayla Dunbar is a local theatre actor, choreographer, and director. She is a graduate of the acting program at Studio 58. She is also the artistic associate at Carousel Theatre for Young People on Granville Island.  A recent member of the team, Kayla is looking forward to a fun season on the road with the Laughing Loggers.

Jordan LaSaw

Our most well groomed Lumberjack who actually isn’t a lumberjack but rips it up on the sound board, hails from beautiful Surrey, B.C. The rookie of the squad spends his off time getting shaved. He also really enjoys protein shakes and puppies.


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