The Vancouver Lumberjack Entertainment is a unique platform for potential partners to gain exposure via mass viewership and media channels. Over the past 14 years it has created brand awareness for all levels of businesses and all forms of products with great success. Want to get a pole position in front of your competitors, or have a message sent from the tree tops? The Vancouver Lumberjack Entertainment is a unique way to get it done!!! If it is a message you want to send and create some attention….look no further than the back of a Laughing Logger event. It is guaranteed to have heads turn towards your brand.



“Ben and Michelle Lefler are aware of the importance of sponsorship support, and do an excellent job providing recognition of sponsorship by Western Forest Products at Logger Sports events across Vancouver Island.”

Roger Briscoe, RPF Production Superintendent Western Forest Products Inc.

This is the ultimate way to give your brand pole position and be a focal point of our show: