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EntertainmentRead More!

A lumberjack show like no other that has wowed crowds all over the world. Excitement, animation, energy, action and humour! This show has the lot and will entertain crowds of all ages.

CompetitionsRead More!

As proud members of Canlog (Canadian Logger Sports Association), we not only compete in competitions but are able to put on any scale competition for your local area with good planning.

MCRead More!

Do you just want to hold an event or do you want to stomp it?

Special EventsRead More!

Does your business or event need something a little different? We can create it!

Corporate FunctionsRead More!

Are you looking to spice up this year’s conference, function or sales meeting with something a little different. We can guarantee a bunch of action and giggles with the laughing loggers.

Team BuildingRead More!

Why don’t you have a go? In a safe and fun environment we can facilitate a wide range of events suited for you crowd to participate in. We can create a competition to find out who is the best in the bush in your team!

Chainsaw ArtRead More!

Looking for that something special to work as that conversation piece? Check out some of this chainsaw art…