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‘Its not what we do, its how we do it!!!’

Do you just want to hold an event or do you want to stomp it?

Energy, power, passion, animation, humour, and special effects are what we pride our delivery on.  If you want to crank up your event, have a chat with us how we can ramp it up and create something to remember with our combined entertainment experience of over 33 years.  We believe there are basic human elements that draw us to an experience that will leave us clapping, laughing and cheering…and the odd scream.  It allows us to deliver a truly unique and tailored experience to have people talking about your event for months to come.

A combination of double trouble, the added experience when DJ Lefler, Michelle Lefler, tangles up with 9volt, Ben Lefler, is a laugh a minute session of improve, or scripted, fun and antics.  An audio delight thanks to DJ Lefler coupled with a sharp and earthy delivery will have your audience in stitches.


Ben and Michelle have been providing MC services at our Port McNeill Logger Sports show for 4 years now. They are well respected by both the crowd and competitors, and provide excellent entertainment value in a positive environment.

Their announcing skills keep the crowd both entertained, and engaged. The interaction with the public has increased the interest of the community, and the size of our event has grown over the years. Their passion for the sport is recognized during the announcing, and the excitement they generate is contagious.

They have also used music to supplement the entertainment when things are slow, and also to increase the excitement prior to events. Their choice of music, and volume has always been appropriate and professionally managed.

Many laughs are always heard at the show – from both competitors and spectators. At the end of the day everyone feels well entertained and leaves happy. Prior to each event, a common question from the public is “Are Ben and Michelle announcing again?”. All the feedback our show has received from the public has always been glowing and supportive.

I highly recommend their services as professional MC’s and would be willing to discuss further at (250) 230-1187 if you require any additional information.


Roger Briscoe
Port McNeill Loggersports Society.

MC Services
MC Services